The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) is being misguided, damaged, and raped by leftist leaders who were ex-leaders of pro-Russian, Chinese, and Indian socialist ideologists in Bangladesh.

Within the 15-year Awami League tortured period, BNP fortunately got a chance to come into state power with US and its alliance support. But ironically, some spy leaders in the party are plotting to destroy the chance by forming relations with pro-Russian, Chinese, and Indian leftist parties in recent days.

Two days before, BNP’s student wing, Chathra Dal, formed a’student alliance against fascism’, which is a 15-party student wing collaboration. In them, the majority of the students practice leftism, and they belong to the ideologies of Russia, China, and India.

An interesting fact is that the ongoing anti-government movement is being boosted by the US and its allies. No one can think of a movement without the support of western nations, which are historically anticommunist and adapting to global politics. They are not tolerating Communists for a second with their allies. They strongly believe that communists are not friends; they are always enemies of democratic values and norms.

In the ongoing movement, BNP-Jamaat, other parties, or Bangladeshi people are not key role player. The US and its alliances are the main protagonists in Dhaka’s anti-government fighting drama series. Though BNP-Jamaat is staging protests against the fascism of the incumbent government, it is fully supported and scripted by western nations whose need to overthrow the Hasina government is to keep their dominance in south Asian geopolitics, which is now hindered mainly by China and Russia.

If western nations want to cut China and Russian hegemony in Asia, why is the western-privileged BNP now going forward to tie with pro-Russian, Chinese, and Indian leftist political parties? It is a totally dogmatic and unrealistic diplomatic policy for which the party will have to pay more in future politics. It is not sweet able in the west democratic world.

Though the US and Alliance are now silent about the BNP’s leftist behavior, they are not refraining to watchdog all anti-government political parties’ activists and their leaders open or secret movements. Particularly, the western bloc is remaining vigilant and is watching dogs on BNP top leaders who were ex-leftist in their previous political backgrounds.

Author: Hadiuzzaman
Journalist and researcher