With the help of technology, people are becoming dependent on online. As a result, the importance of digital marketing is increasing day by day. So many young people are choosing digital marketing as a career. This career makes a person a technology lover on the one hand, while life is comfortable on the other hand.

One such 20-year-old Aftab Uddin, who has developed himself as a successful digital marketer and entrepreneur. He was born in Sherpur area of ​​Bogra district. Since childhood, he likes to think and research about inventions. He hopes that hard work and goals will lead him to the brink of success. His initiative will take place on social media platforms.Aftab Uddin started an online company called Coatord Limited, Coatord Software, Coatord IT, Aftab Digital Media,Nazeric Digital and Aftab Digital Media. The company started its journey on June 16, 2022. He does digital marketing through content creation for Facebook and content production and distribution for various agencies. Digital marketing is promoting products using digital channels. Social media, search engines, influencer marketing – these are all part of digital marketing. This young man considers digital marketing as a field of huge potential in the present era.

He said, if you want to start working with digital marketing, you have to improve your skills first. Because, with the right knowledge, one can move towards this success. But ignorance only leads to failure again and again. For this, everyone needs to increase their skills first.

This promising young man thinks that there are many opportunities in the technology sector. It is possible to make a good career easily with merit. In the future every organization will hire manpower to look after their social media. In that case there is a good career in digital marketing.