Emerging poet and lyricist Shaharoul Gazi is as known Shaharoul Islam Sujon; one of those who are equally contributing to the sanctuary of Islamic literature and culture at this time. His pen is constantly giving gifts of Islamic poetry and Nasheed. There is no way to read his writings, he is young and young. He was born on January 14, 2003 in the house of Akbar Hossen and Shefali Khatun couple of Khulna district, Koyra police station, holudbunia village near Sundarbans.

Shaharoul was very interested in literature since childhood. He started writing when he was a student of class 10. While studying in class 11, he started writing Islamic music under the inspiration of his father, besides writing rhymes, poems, stories for national daily papers. From the beginning, the music written by him was released in the voice of the best artists of the country. His style of writing music is fluent, meaningful and quickly wins everyone’s hearts.

Some songs go viral on YouTube, Facebook. In particular, the ghazal titled ‘Michhe Asha’ released last year has been watched by more than 4.8 million people from the HolyTune YouTube channel of Kalarab artist group. He became known as a successful lyricist by writing a series of popular Islamic songs. As a result of intensive efforts along with studies, so far 31 songs written by him have been published by the country’s leading Nasheed band Kalarab, Haven Tune, Tune Hut, Famous Tune, Risalah, Divine Studio and some artist groups.

Among the released songs: Miche Asha, Preronar Alo, Khoniker Jibon, Baba Haranor Bedona, Ki Holo Mor Deshe, Lal Sobujer Shadhinota, Banglar Shontan, Pothosishu, Shono Priyo Ammu, Noyonmoni, Onathsishu, Ai Shomajer Manush, Rohomer Bristy, Bijoyir Man, Elo Ramadan, Barta Niye Shumohan, Borkoter Mash, Eid Mubarak, korte Hobe Joy, Kurbani is one of them. Love for religion, patriotism, rights of the oppressed, contemporary images he has highlighted in his writings.

There are also more than twenty-five musical works in progress. Shaharoul Islam Sujon expressed hope that they will be released continuously and will entertain the audience as before. He expressed his feelings and said, “If the music written by me can win the hearts of the listeners, spread the love of religion among people, teach people to protest against injustice; Therein lies my worth”.