Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader today said that BNP is not doing any movements, but they are forming the outlines of a clandestine conspiracy.

“BNP, including those who are envious of Bangladesh’s progress, have started complaining about the Prime Minister’s visit,” he said.

Obaidul Quader said these at a joint meeting organized with the party’s presidium at the Awami League’s central office in the capital on Saturday (May 6).

Claiming that BNP’s movement failed due to a lack of public participation, Obaidul Quader said that BNP is planning to destroy the country’s economy by creating plot outlines and conspiracies. Realizing that they will lose the election, BNP is doing clandestine conspiracy.

“We will say one thing, the visit of our Bangabandhu daughter Sheikh Hasina is taking Bangladesh to a new height. In the wake of the global crisis, her visit is Bangladesh’s response and its impact is inevitable in our lives today. If one considers this tour from that perspective, it is actually a historic tour,” the Bridges Minister said.

Awami League General Secretary said that this meeting has been organized to decide the next organizational activities and actions of the party. Moreover, it is important to meet in this way for the sake of the party.